Physical Design

Physical Design

"Our team undergoes structured trainings for fundamentals. We plan on our training-modules and use the tools to get goal based timing, layout, extracted results with excellent core strength based objectives for the IP and SoC levels HIPs"

The Physical design of a circuit is the phase that precedes the fabrication of a circuit. In simple terms it refers to all the synthesis steps succeeding logic design and preceding fabrication.

Product Development Cycle

  • Partitioning
    • Process considers many factors such as the size of the blocks, number of blocks and the number of interconnections between the blocks
  • Floorplanning and Placement
    • To find a minimum area arrangement of the blocks that allows completion of interconnections between the blocks, while meeting the performance constraints.
  • Routing
    • Complete the interconnections between blocks according to the specified netlist.
    • The goal is to complete all circuit connections using the shortest possible wire length and using only the channel and switch boxes.
    • Two phases : Global Routing and Detailed Routing phases.
  • Compaction
    • Task of compressing the layout in all dimensions such that the total area is reduced
    • Ensure that no rules regarding the design and fabrication process are violated during the process.
  • Extraction and Verification
    • Verifies that all geometric patterns meet the design rules imposed by the fabrication process. Ie. Design Rule Checking (DRC)
    • Generates the circuit representation of the layout.i.e. Layout Versus Schematics (LVS) verification
    • Check the reliability aspects of the layout i.e. Reliability Verification

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